HUSH Media’s online presence boasts 1.8 billion impressions quarterly. We have a local and worldwide audience of listeners. This makes it very easy to get our loyal listeners to visit our sponsor's websites. HUSH Media’s listeners are a highly active group of consumers with above average levels of purchase intentions and are early adopters of other new media options. HUSH Media owns one of the world's fastest growing networks of online/FM radio stations, magazines, record labels, social media properties and household brands.

HUSH Media Networks operates radio streams that play over 20+ years of the best music, ensuring a maximum reach from a variety of age groups with a wide range of interests. HUSH Media’s Radio Network is 100% FREE TO TUNE-IN so when your sponsor message is aired it will STAND OUT which is a key benefit of being a sponsor.

With consumers shifting away from listening to traditional local broadcast radio stations with iPhones and smartphones, internet radio helps a company reach a larger audience and stand out from the crowd giving it unique exposure. Digital radio is on the rise!

HUSH Media offers a diverse audience from around the world and this positions your organization with an attractive demographic. By being a sponsor and supporting our listeners' favorite radio stations will give your company a positive brand image.

Our Network & Audience…

  • Generates more than 50 million page-views monthly!

  • Mostly based In the US. With 45% of that tally being African-American, 25% Caucasian, 10% Asian, 9% Mid East, and 11% Misc.

  • Mostly aged between 18-34

  • M/F Demographics: (60% male / 40% female)

  • Education: Our audience have ‘some / substantial’ College / University education (77%)

  • 2.5M+ TLH Monthly (Radio Streaming)

Since hitting the web in 2012, HUSH Media has garnered mentions by numerous top media outlets, including:

  • Online: MTV, BET, MSN, Billboard, Yahoo, and VH1.

  • Television: TMZ, BET JAMZ, The CW, & LIONSGATE.

  • Print: UPSCALE, Hype Hair, HUSH Weekly & Forbes.

  • Radio: iHeartRadio, Capital FM, & Nielsen.