Step. 1

Pick An Offer (Call To Request Free Information)

  • Offer 1. Consolidated Credit (800) 489-7204 (Debt Payoff) Request For Information

  • Offer 2. Private Healthcare (800) 912-9869 (Dental, Healthcare, Vision, Prescription)

  • Offer 3. Craftmatic Adjustable Beds (800) 318-7903 (Health & Comfort - Adjustable Beds)

  • Offer 4. InventHelp (800) 353-7058 (Request Free Information On Protecting Your Brand/Invention)

Step. 2

After you’ve received your free information or applied for 1 offer, fill out the form below. Do not fill out the form until you’ve called an offer.

Step. 3

Once you’ve completed the offer, email a photo or screenshot of proof that you have received the information to They will then review your proof of offer and place you on a station fit to air your song. When submitting proof, put in the subject line “Proof of Offer”.

***NOTE*** If you submit this form without choosing an offer, your submission will be deleted.

Free Airplay = 60 Day Campaign

Don’t Like These Offers?

You can also review this album with 5 stars and purchase here to receive 365 days of free airplay. Send “Proof of Purchase” to and then submit through the form after proof is sent.

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