Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.


Ground Team

Our ground team consists of experienced professionals who have brought companies millions of dollars including Universal Music Group, Capitol Music Group, Sony Entertainment, Amada Records, CNBC & More.


Jason Umbi
Nelson Belcher
Lisa Snow Evans
Sean Jenkins
Nya Harley
Mina Durham
Don Jones Kennedy

Street Staff Supervisors
Samuel Franks
Linda Jones
Mya Anderson
Dean Hudgins
Michael Hudgins

Virtual Staff Supervisors
Phil Smith
Mercedes Milano
Eve Norwood

James Jones
Juanita Jones
Amy Sommers
Elyse Jackson
Zed Conners
Louise Williams
Kelly Kim
Drake Garfield
Portia Fox
Mike Henry


Senior Leadership

HUSH Media’s senior management team is here to make sure your campaigns are fully optimized for the best results. Our senior leadership program empowers team members to work effectively during every campaign.


Dan Parks
Senior VP of Operations

James Jennings
Senior Director of Design

Karen Williams
Senior Director of Marketing

Phil Begnaud
Director of Corporate Sponsorships

Mercedes Milano
Senior Editor/CFO of HUSH Weekly

Jackie King
Senior Advertising Consultant

Justin Smith
Chief Financial Officer

Don Sanchez
Digital Content Director

Sonja Anthony
Model Management

Linda Walker
Senior Director of Events

Venus Edwards
Senior Director of Film


Board of Trustees

Our board of trustees seek to ensure the best interest of stakeholders and sponsors in all types of management decisions. Our board of directors work closely with the complete staff to maintain a healthy work environment.


Marissa Tate
HUSH Media Networks

Edward Jones
HUSH Media Networks

Linda Jones
HUSH Media Networks

Diamond Jones
The DJ Grid (Promotions)

Oliver Warders
HUSH Media Networks

AG The A&R
The DJ Grid (Scouting Director)

DJ Price Tag
The DJ Grid (Campaign Manager)

Dale Harvey
HUSH Media Networks

Charmaine Rice
HUSH Media Networks

Jonathan Rice
HUSH Media Networks

Brooke Leggett
HUSH Media Networks

Cheyenne Powers
HUSH Media Networks